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Altar of Bones
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Excerpt (PDF)

"Comparisons to Steve Barry, Dan Brown, and James Rollins are inevitable and not unmerited. But Carter's Altar is anything but derivative. A corkscrewing, looping, roller coaster of a reading experience, it definitely belongs in the hands of thriller readers who crave speed."
   —Booklist, Jeff Ayers

"Will blow your mind! Dan Brown meets Robert Ludlum in this gripping, incredibly fast-paced thriller."
   —New York Times bestseller Greg Iles

"You won't put it down until you get up to walk around and catch your breath."
   —New York Times bestseller Ted Bell

"Altar of Bones is one of the most stunning novels I've ever read. From superbly etched characters to a plot rich with twists and heart-stopping action . . . an incredible reading experience you can't miss."
   —New York Times bestseller Catherine Coulter